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GSA’s career resources team focuses to providing MoGen and MedGen students with information on the different career paths available after graduation and the skills required for them.
Our team uptakes various initiatives throughout the year such as monthly career seminars focusing on different career paths, workshops, organizing MoGen’s career development symposium (CDS) and writing alumni “spotlight” interviews that are posted on MoGen’s Website. If you are interested in joining our team, please sign in the using the form here. For any questions, feel free to email our current representative, Iosifina Fotiadou, at

7th_Career_SymposiumCareer Development Symposium

We recently hosted an afternoon of networking, career development and learning in our 7th Annual Career Development Symposium on June 6, 2022 from 12:30-7:00pm at the Hart House Building!
Students were able to talk with alumni in roundtable discussions, get career advice from keynote speakers, and listen to our panellists talking about their diverse experiences.
We are looking forward to hosting future networking opportunities with current and former members of the Department, and mingling with wine and cheese!
Click here to see some images from the recent event: Symposium Images

More Information:

For university-wide career resources for life sciences graduate students, please visit MoGen’s Website.