About us

The Molecular Genetics Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a committee of graduate student representatives that has two main goals: to present a unified student voice to tackle student issues, and to promote community and wellness for graduate students in Molecular Genetics.  We work both within the department and with other GSAs in the Faculty of Medicine to try to make your graduate experience the best it can be.

The GSA is composed of elected Executive Committee members and non-elected social representatives. Elections for our executive committee positions take place every February. If you would like to join, please contact the presidents of the GSA any time of year start as a social representative. The GSA meets once a month for approximately 1 hour to discuss student issues and upcoming events.

2021 Molecular Genetics GSA Executive Committee

Co-Presidents: Nikki Case and Michelle Harwood
Presidential Advisor: Laura Hergott
VP Internal: Matthew Rok
VP External: Anson Sathaseevan
VP Student Life: Mallory Wiggins
Career Resource Coordinator: Iosifina Fotiadou
Event Coordinators: Zoe Clarke and Vida Erfani
First Year Reps: Sean Millar and Kiki Huang
Graphic Designer: Kuheli Dasgupta
International Student Liaison: Kuheli Dasgupta
Secretary: Emily Xiong
Sports Rep: Anna Bojagora
Treasurer: Roseanne Nguyen
Webmaster: Sean Millar
Medical Genomics Reps : Daniel Kiss and David Di Lorio
GSU Representatives: Emily Xiong, Iosifina Fotiadou

Past executive committees

To download our constitution, including a detailed description of executive positions click here.

Updated February 2021